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Anderson is best known for his floral still life and contemporary floral paintings.  He is especially attracted to flowers as a subject because they allow such rich expression of color and  lively use of brushwork.   



Anderson's floral still lifes have won him top honors with the Oil Painters of America, the Salon International and the Open Market National.  He also won Grand Prize in International Artist magazine’s Floral Painting Challenge.


Anderson’s smaller landscapes are all painted on site, out-of-doors. They are often used as reference material for larger landscapes painted in the studio. He is a signature member of the Tucson Plein Air Painters Society and has twice won first place honors in their national Distinguished Members Show.


Anderson has painted a number of official portraits such as the Chief Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court and the president of Iowa State University.  He continues to accept commissions for both oil portraits and charcoal drawings.

Many of his figure paintings have been made in open studio sessions where several artists work from a single costumed model. These paintings are often completed in a single session of about three hours.

Kurt Anderson-Junior-Repose-12x20-Charcoal & Chalk.jpg

The greater simplicity of drawing allows Anderson freedom to depart from the visual world and explore ideas from the imagination. These are among his most unique, personal and surreal statements .


In most open studio sessions for figure drawing the models pose from between two minutes to two hours. He approaches these sessions as a mental discipline to hone his life drawing skills.

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